Make Your Home Your Happy Place!

Hey, I’m Cheryl B Hutchinson and I make happy art. Simple as that! My lighthearted art is designed to delight, made to amuse, and will bring a cheerful pop of color to your home. Nothing hooty-snooty here—just bright whimsical critters with big personalities to lift your spirits and make you smile every time you see them. Plus, they're sure to charm everyone who walks into your home!


That Feeling of One-of-a-kind Artwork!

Imagine glancing at your colorful original Cheryl B Hutchinson ceramic sculpture and smiling from ear to ear! Did you know that art makes you feel better? Really! Seeing your colorful critter on your table can help you kick off your shoes, breathe easier, and simply be yourself in your happiest of places -- your home! Yes, you really CAN own unique, original artwork -- a one-of-a-kind sculpture that no one else has (or ever will have!). And guess what? You deserve it because you're a unique original too!


    I absolutely love my beautiful print! It's on the dresser... and brings me the biggest smile every time I look at it. The quality is wonderful and it makes a fabulous statement piece that is sure to make anyone who sees it happy!


    This print brings me so much joy! And I've gotten so many compliments on how it looks - it's so vivid and unique, I've never seen anything like it. Seeing this little guy sitting on my desk every day gives me a smile as I'm working!

  • DOUG

    Thank you so much for the beautifully constructed and glazed renditions of flamingos. The detailing and pose are perfect. Our granddaughter loves them. She refers to them as “mommy and her baby.”

There's a reason it's called "Happy Muddy Stuff" -- ceramics is MESSY!!

Like my art, remember that even when life gets a bit "messy," it can still be joyful. :)

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About Cheryl

I create my joyful, colorful, "bright beacons of happiness" in my studio near Syracuse, NY.

I want my art to delight and uplift you! Goodness knows we can all use a boost of feel-good endorphins from time to time. With my relatable critters, I want to shine a light on the quirks and craziness of what it means to simply be human. Our foibles, fears, and faults, as well as the joy, excitement, and love. Maybe my art will even inspire you to treat yourself with an extra dose of kindness!

I learned the necessity of self-kindness after a decades-long health crisis derailed my psychology career. But in the long run, it was a blessing in disguise because it turned my attention to doing what I most love -- creating FUN stuff!

A professional artist since 2008, my unique art has won numerous international awards, been featured in several specialty publications, and even graced the cover of a magazine! People all over the world love my art and it now resides in personal collections in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

In January 2017, I fell in love with the soft, responsive nature of clay. Ceramics charmed me with its unlimited possibilities. Which means I can create just about anything for you!

Simply put, I make stuff that makes you happy!