Commissioning a one-of-a-kind, ceramic sculpture is a wonderful gift to yourself...

Because your finished sculpture will be a beautiful and very solid reminder that shows all who see it just how much you love the child, person, pet, or critter you choose.

My hope is that the sculpture I create for you will express your love and celebrate your unique connection with the life of another living being. 

Image of female bust called "Programming"

Before committing to the project, you and I will discuss our expectations to see if it is a good fit for both of us. This discussion will include talking about my working process as well as your hopes, visions, and thoughts about the project.

If we mutually decide to proceed, I will include you in the artistic process from start to finish. Your input is very important to me.

In order to create a meaningful art piece for you, I'd like to learn about you and your chosen subject--personality, likes/dislikes, important stories, etc.

I’ll also need reference photos for your sculpture. With all of this information in hand, I’ll sketch ideas or make a small preliminary model (maquette) in order for us to refine our ideas.

Once I begin working on creating the sculpture out of clay, it will take approximately 2 to 4 months until completion. Creating commissioned ceramic sculptures is a labor of love for me. These sculptures take a great deal of time and patience to meticulously create. The clay must be at the perfect degree of wetness to proceed through each stage of the process. Hurrying only spells potential disaster for the artwork.

The timeline of creating a ceramic sculpture goes as follows:

  • Sculpting in wet clay takes anywhere from 1 week to 1 month depending on size and complexity.
  • The sculpture then needs to fully dry for 4-6 weeks before being bisque fired in order to remove all traces of moisture.
  • Then it’s time for the first firing, the bisque firing to Cone 06.
  • Lastly, I will glaze the sculpture and fire it in the kiln for a second time to Cone 6, the hottest temperature it will undergo. 

The high temperatures of the kiln is potentially risky for the artwork each time it is fired. Even though pieces can crack or be damaged in the kiln, it is the only way to create permanent ceramic sculptures. I always think of ceramics as a lesson in remaining detached from the desired outcomes. We may not get what we want on the first try, but eventually we will get there. If the artwork is structurally unsound after being fired, I will recreate it.

Now for the more unpleasant stuff I have to say so that we both know where we stand.

If you decide you do NOT want to accept the sculpture, I will make it available to others to purchase. If and when it is sold I will refund your deposit. If someone else does not purchase the sculpture, I will retain the deposit as remuneration for my time spent creating your sculpture.

Creating ceramic art is a tricky business. No one ever seems to quite know how a piece is going to come out of the kiln. Remember that you chose to work with me specifically for my artistic vision and integrity. Please respect that vision. I promise you from the bottom of my heart that I will do everything in my power to create a lasting ceramic sculpture that meets your expectations, expresses your love, and celebrates your  connection.

If this process sounds interesting to you, contact me and let's discuss your project so I can give you an estimate. I think we'll have a LOT of fun together!