About Cheryl

Hey, I’m Cheryl B Hutchinson and I create joyful, colorful ceramic sculptures and art prints (I think of them as "bright beacons of happiness!”). 

My uplifting and relatable "critters" shine a light on the emotions and experiences we all share and maybe they’ll even inspire you to treat yourself with an extra dose of kindness! 

I learned the necessity of self-kindness after a decades-long health crisis derailed my psychology career. But I think that was a good thing because it brought me back to what I most love -- creating stuff. 

A professional artist since 2008, people around the world have collected my unique art — North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. My art has also won numerous international awards and been featured in several publications -- including the cover and feature article of a specialty magazine based in the UK.
In January 2017, I started playing with ceramics and was soon captivated by the soft, responsive nature of clay and its seemingly unlimited possibilities. Ceramics allows me to look at our inner and outer lives in new ways. Years of illness taught me that happiness comes down to your perspective. And that’s precisely why I make happy art for you!
I can create accurate, realistic sculptures of people, but I like to steer clear of realism in my current work because I want you to feel something when you see my art. I want you to feel better. I opt for colorful quirky characters that lift you up and help you see yourself with more compassion. You don’t have to be hooty-snooty or artsy-fartsy to appreciate my work. When you’re smiling at my art, you’re connecting with the emotions and experiences that we all share—our common humanness.
Simply put, I make stuff that makes you happy!